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In January 2016, Fisherman’s Landing and Captain Taro Takeuchi purchased the 85-foot Liberty and moved it from Long Beach to San Diego for a major six-month refurbishment and renovation. One of the largest boats in San Diego’s local sportfishing fleet, the Liberty primarily runs Daily Open Party 3/4 Day fishing trips to the Coronado Islands and other coastal or offshore destinations within 50 miles of San Diego. 

The Liberty is also available for 1/2 Day, 3/4 Day, Full Day Overnight, and 1 1/2 Day private party charters.  The Liberty is the ONLY 3/4 day vessel with a bunk room that allows passengers to rest to and from the fishing grounds. 

The Liberty comes equipped with a full galley serving hot breakfast and lunch.  A diverse selection of candy, chips, nuts, fruit, water, sodas, beer, and other items are also available.