These recommendations are only general guidelines. In order to be properly prepared, please call Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop at 619-221-8506 or Fisherman’s Landing at 619-221-8500 for the most current conditions and recommendations.

Please note, Fisherman’s Landing has quality rental tackle available for these trips as well as a fully stocked tackle shop.

  • Light live bait rig with 20-25 lb. test line
  • Heavy live bait rig with 30-40 lb. test line
  • Jigging outfit with 40-50 lb. test line
  • Selection of hooks ranging from size 2 to 4/0
  • Fluoro carbon leader material for current conditions (typically 20-40).
  • Egg or rubber core sinkers (typically ¼ oz. to ¾ oz.)
  • Sinkers for bottom fishing (typically 4 oz., 8oz., and 16 oz.)
  • Jigs and lures appropriate for current conditions
  • Cross cutting dykes for cutting line
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Layered clothing for current weather conditions. T-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket.
  • Sunscreen
  • Proper footwear such as 12” fishing boots or old tennis shoes
  • Hat